Eat At Mom’s® Onesies


Limited quantity available now!
For baby shower gifts, holidays, Mother’s Day and every day, the EAT AT MOM’S® onesies are a fun tribute to breastfeeding moms! Pure, 100% white cotton baby shirts with snap bottoms with two messages: On the front it says “Eat at Mom’s” and on the back it says: “Open 24 hours; two convenient locations; all you can eat; free refills; no reservations required.” Also included is an Eat at Mom’s menu with educational information about breastfeeding in a menu format. Items will be packaged in a plastic sleeve. Available in size 0-3 months only. “Eat at Mom’s” is a registered trademark of Mother & Child Health Coalition.
Call for more information: (816) 283-6242 ext. 224


 The Community Resource Guide

THIS PRODUCT IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE in hard-copy. We apologize for any inconvenience!
 CLICK HERE for an online version of the Resource Guide.

Also, there will soon be a metro-wide online resource guide. Watch this space for news!

The Community Resource Guide is meant to help women of childbearing age and families to locate services which could help them in meeting their needs. This booklet is organized alphabetically by county and by service. It is intended as a guide to making first contact with the agencies and programs listed. There are over 350 programs and services listed in the latest edition.


Donor Cards

marketplace_donor_card_2008These donor cards are a wonderful way to honor someone’s birthday, anniversary or any special occasion. 100% of the donation will be used to continue the mission of the Coalition to assist mothers and children in accessing health care. The inside of the card reads, “A donation has been made to Mother & Child Health Coalition in honor of ____________ by ______________ (fill in your name.)” The back of the card lists the programs of the Coalition.

Available for donations  in any amount.