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Have a Safe 4th of July Celebration!

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Office of the Kansas State Fire Marshall: Celebrate safely this Independence Day More than 200 fireworks-related injuries occurred last year in Kansas Topeka – The Kansas Department of Health and Environment, Office of the State Fire Marshal and Safe Kids Kansas would like to remind Kansans of the importance of fireworks safety this Independence Day. Fireworks are dangerous to both adults and children if not handled properly. Out of 207 reported fireworks-related injuries in Kansas in 2018, males between the ages of 9 and 34 were the most commonly injured demographic, according to the 2018 Kansas Fireworks Injury Survey. Males represented 64 percent of the total number of injuries. Nearly half of the injuries involved children under the age of 18. Hands, eyes, face and head injuries were among those reported. “Hand injuries are the most common injury seen in Kansas, at 34 percent,” Cherie Sage, Director of Safe Kids Kansas, said. “It’s really important for little hands to not light fireworks. This includes sparklers, which burn at a temperature hot enough to melt glass. We encourage parents to let their little ones use glow sticks instead of sparklers.” The data was collected through voluntary reporting from Kansas hospitals and administered by the Office of the State Fire Marshal. “We want all Kansans to have a fun, safe Fourth of July,” Doug Jorgensen, Fire Marshal for the State of Kansas, said. “We know the safest way to enjoy fireworks is to visit public fireworks displays conducted by trained professionals who know how to properly handle fireworks. If you are going to purchase and partake in consumer fireworks, a few simple precautions can prevent you or your loved ones from becoming one of these statistics.” Jorgensen added that always using a long-handled lighter to ignite fireworks, lighting from a solid, flat and stable platform and making sure fireworks debris has cooled off completely before disposing, are tips that can significantly lower the risk of injuries and fires. “It’s everyone’s responsibility to ensure a safe and healthy holiday,” Lee Norman, Secretary of KDHE, said. “Having a water supply handy, being prepared with first aid kits and following the laws and safety protocols are just a few ways Kansans of every age can come together for a great, safe Fourth of July.” Other tips include: Have an adult supervise all fireworks activities Always ignite fireworks outdoors Light only one firework at a time Never re-ignite malfunctioning fireworks Store fireworks in a cool, dry place Bottle rockets and M80s are illegal in Kansas and extremely dangerous. The use or sale of these banned fireworks is considered a crime under Kansas law. It is also illegal in Kansas to shoot fireworks on or under any vehicle, on any public roadway, within 50 feet of a fireworks stand or where fireworks are stored, and at gas stations or any place liquid gas – including propane – is stored. Always refer to the local ordinances as to whether fireworks are allowed in your area as well as what types.  Some cities or counties have restricted dates/times or types of fireworks that may be sold or discharged. For more information on fireworks safety, visit FireMarshal.ks.gov/fireworkssafety or...

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What’s behind the statistics for maternal mortality in Missouri?

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KCUR 89.3 FM Central Standard, with host Gina Kauffman Monday, June 24, 2019: Missouri ranks 42nd in the United States for maternal outcomes, with a number of pregnancy or childbirth related deaths per capita among the worst in the nation, according to a recent article by Andy Marso in the Kansas City Star. Today’s guests say that’s an indicator of poor health in the state overall. Tracy Russell, executive director, Mother & Child Health Coalition Beth Simpson, MD pediatrician, Children’s Mercy Hospital Keri Ingle, Missouri State representative LISTEN to the 49 minute...

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Immunizations: Have you gotten all that you need??

Posted by on Jun 12, 2019 in News | Comments Off on Immunizations: Have you gotten all that you need??

Bee Wise, Immunize! Click on the link below for a list of locations, with details, as to where you can get your (and your family’s) vaccines. 2019 Bee Wise ad qtr pg Questions?  Contact DuJuan Hord, MAIC Program Coordinator dhord@mchc.net (816) 283-6242 ext....

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New Arkansas Healthy Start Visits Kansas City Healthy Start Initiative Site

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UMKC Institute for Human Development (IHD) hosted an all-day event with Mother & Child Health Coalition (MCHC) for a Healthy Start sister site visit on Wednesday, May 29, 2019. The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) was recently awarded their first Healthy Start grant, and five project members traveled to Kansas City to learn from the experienced Kansas City Healthy Start Initiative (KCHSI) for some thoughtful lessons learned. The Arkansas Healthy Start program is based in the Northwestern rural area of Arkansas where the largest group of Marshallese outside of the Marshall Islands and Hawaii reside. Much like KCHSI, the Arkansas Healthy Start focuses on serving pregnant women to achieve better perinatal health care. The morning agenda included presentations by the KCHSI staff including Program Manager‒Dr. Jean Craig, Education and Health Promotions Coordinator‒ Shannon Williams, Outreach Worker ‒Christina Sanchez, and Lead Community Health Workers (LCHW) from Swope Health – Ahkeya Howard, Ashley Hayden-Peaches of Samuel Rodgers Health Center and Marcela Metcalf, LCHW at MCHC. The KCHSI staff shared successes and challenges in serving families and provided practical advice and suggestions in engaging families. After lunch, Danielle Chiang and Katharine Ragon of UMKC IHD’s Early Childhood team shared the REDCap data collection procedures, data management and quality control practices, and the Life Skills Progression curriculum. A robust Q&A session followed and discussion was mainly on the balance between providing quality services and maintaining research capacity. The “Meet-Up” was beneficial to both KCHSI and Arkansas Healthy Start as it encouraged both sites to continue their good work serving women and infants with high needs. The teams agreed that future meet-ups would be beneficial for discussing strategies and general moral support of each other as sister sites. For more information, contact Danielle Chiang at chiangd@umkc.edu or Katharine Ragon at ragonk@umkc.edu You may also contact Jean Craig at jcraig@mchc.net From Left: Dr. Jean Craig, KCHSI; Katharine Ragon and Dr. Danielle Chiang, IHD. From Left: Katharine Ragon, IHD; Dr. Jean Craig, KCHSI; Dr. Pearl McElfish (in turquoise) and staff of the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences’ Healthy Start program....

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Children Staying Home Alone During Summer Break

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For Immediate Release May 29, 2019 TOPEKA – The summer months mean a welcome break from school for Kansas kids, but they also signal a shift in the family’s daily routine. Families may be considering leaving children home alone during the summer, instead of opting for a sitter. Safe Kids Kansas, the Kansas Department for Children and Families (DCF) and the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) have some tips on how to decide if your child is ready to be home alone. And if you decide to keep the kids home, we have some important advice on keeping them safe. “Developmentally, children are generally ready to be home alone around the age of 12 or 13,” said Cherie Sage, State Director of Safe Kids Kansas. “However, children develop at different rates, so use your own discretion to determine your child’s maturity level and capabilities. For example, if you have an impulsive 13-year-old who is a big risk taker, you might be hesitant to leave him/her alone. On the other hand, a thoughtful 11-year-old, who has a good track record of following household rules might be ready. Most states, including Kansas, don’t have regulations or laws about when a child is considered old enough to stay at home alone or babysit another child.” DCF has some general guidelines to help you make the decision when your child is ready to be home alone: Age—Young children through age six, should never be left alone for even a short period of time. Kids six to nine can be left alone for only short periods of time. Children 10 and older can be left alone, depending on other factors. Length of time alone—Consider whether your child is ready to spend the whole day alone or if only a couple of hours is more appropriate. Maturity—Consider your child’s ability to fend for himself/herself and your child’s level of common sense. Certainly, children with developmental disabilities and emotion issues should be monitored closely. Knowledge of emergency preparedness—Ask your child if he/she knows what to do in the event of a fire, tornado, stranger at the door, etc. Ask “what ifs”. Availability of adults—Children must know how to reach a responsible adult at any point in the day for any reason, even if it’s just to provide reassurance if the child becomes fearful. Insecurity—Children should feel comfortable with the idea that they will be home alone. The more fearful they are, the less likely they will be able to respond appropriately to emergency situations. Behavior—Children who misbehave, vandalize, steal, intimidate neighbors, set fires or are a danger to themselves need close supervision. Each year, more than 3 million kids, ages 14 and under, get hurt at home—and more than 2,000 children die from unintentional injuries in the home. Fire, suffocation, drowning, choking, firearm and poisoning are among the top leading causes of unintentional home injury death for this age group. “Teach your children about hazards around the home, and make sure they know what to do in an emergency,” says Sage. “The first time your kids stay home alone, it should be for a short time and you should be nearby.” Safe Kids Kansas also recommends parents take the following precautions to ensure your child’s safety: Carry a cell phone and keep it turned on....

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Mid America Immunization Coalition Quarterly Meeting, Wed. June 5

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Wednesday, June 5, 2019 11:30 a.m.  –  1:00 p.m.* Kansas City Health Department 2400 Troost Avenue Kansas City MO 64108 Agenda: State vaccination updates: Phil Griffin, Deputy Director Bureau of Disease Control and Prevention – Kansas Jennifer VanBooven, Chief Bureau of Immunizations – Missouri MMR vaccine recommendations & Hepatitis A outbreak and recommendations: Lisa Hubbert, Epidemiology Specialist Communicable Disease Prevention/ Public Health Preparedness, Kansas City Health Department Group discussions of MAIC Focus Areas: Adult vaccines; Child vaccines; Membership and Social media outreach. *Lunch will be provided by Pfizer.  In order to get an accurate count, register HERE ALSO mark your calendar now for the annual MAIC Symposium Friday, October 25, 2019 Children’s Mercy Park, Kansas City, KS   Questions? Contact DuJuan Hord, MAIC Program Coordinator dhord@mchc.net (816) 283-6242 ext. 244...

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Welcome to the 2019-2020 Board of Directors

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We offer a hearty thank-you to the Board members who have completed their terms of service. We greatly appreciate the time, energy and expertise that you shared with Mother & Child Health Coalition over this past term: Dan Ryan (secretary), Hayat Abdullahi, Scott Anglemyer (co-chair, Pregnancy, Infant and Child Health committee) and Jamie Katz (chair, Metro KC Youth Collaborative). Thank you so much for all you have done to support MCHC! 2019 -2020 Officers  Jovanna Rohs, PhD –  Director of Early Learning and Head Start/Mid America Regional Council (MARC)  – Chairperson and Chair of Board Executive Committee  Stephanie Seger, MSW, MA – Children’s Mercy Hospitals & Clinics – Chairperson Elect and Chair of Bylaws Committee  Audrey Dunkel, JD – Kansas Hospital Association – Past Chairperson and Chair of Board Planning and Nominating Committees  Samantha Collinson, MSN, APRN, CNM – (NEW) Truman Medical Center-Lakewood Family Birthplace – MCHC Board Secretary and Chair of Board Development Committee  Wilaiporn Rojjanasrirat, PhD, RNC, IBCLC – Graceland University, School of Nursing –  MCHC Treasurer and Chair of Board Finance Committee  Tracy Russell – Mother & Child Health Coalition – Executive Director and Ex-Officio member 2019-2020 Members  Sean Anderson – Greater Kansas City Coalition to End Homelessness  Raymond Daniels, EdD – (returning) Retired Superintendent USD 500, Community Advocate from Kansas  Terri English – The Family Conservancy  Audrey Hill, MPA – (returning)  Saint Luke’s Health System – Co-Chair of Policy and Advocacy Committee  Willy Pegues IV – Truman Medical Centers  Dr. Tamela Ross-Davis, PhD – Beyond Limitations Counseling, Encompass Medical Group  ...

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MCHC Community Resource Guide to be Discontinued

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The bad news is that after more than 20 years of publication, the MCHC Community Resource Guide will no longer be published. This will be disappointing to our many, many users but with the cuts to the Kansas City Healthy Start budget over the last several years, it is no longer possible to support the project. There is a pdf version that was updated in 2018 available on the website at https://mchc.net/resources/ And the good news is, that under the leadership of folks at United Way 211, a group of community leaders are working on creating a metro area-wide data base that will be available to all online. The goal is to develop a user-friendly, convenient and comprehensive system that will allow users to access and update information about services.  We will share more about this as it becomes available. Anne Biswell...

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MCHC Annual Meeting and Election Friday, May 3

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“The Mother & Child Connection: A Forum on Infant and Maternal Mortality” Friday, May 3, 2019, 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Kansas City Health Department – Biery Auditorium 2400 Troost Ave., Kansas City, MO 64108 8:00       Registration, Coffee and Connections 8:30       Welcome and Business Meeting– Jovanna Rohs, Ph.D., Chair Elect, Mother & Child Health Coalition *Approve Minutes from January 25, 2019 Quarterly Meeting * Election: Approve Slate of Nominees for the Board of Directors Awards Presentation Election Results 8:20       Spoken Word Poetry Presented by Natasha Ria El-Scari 8:45      Mother & Child Health Coalition Executive Director Report – Tracy Russell 9:15       Safe Haven for Newborns – Anne Biswell 9:35       Infant Mortality in Greater Kansas City – Jennifer Allen and Katherine Campbell, FIMR 10:15     Lived Experience Story Presented by Flor Campo Estrada 10:45    Maternal Mortality in Greater Kansas City – Dr. Traci N. Johnson, MD, FACOG, Truman Medical Center 11:30    Question and Answer Panel 11:50    Closing, Evaluation and Healthy Start Celebration 12:00    Adjourn Please register for this event...

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Cervical Cancer. It’s a terrible thing, but it’s preventable

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Cervical cancer can be deadly, but it can be prevented. Get screened. Get yourself AND your kids vaccinated for Human Papillomavirus   Both boys and girls and even adults up to age 45 are now eligible to get the vaccine. Watch the story of Lady Ganga: Nilza’s Story  https://vimeo.com/263927102 Please share this story with people you...

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