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Fall Flu Clinic Schedule

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Click to download: 2019 ENG-SP MAIC Flu Clinics Schedule Fall Flu Clinics 2019 vacunas de influenza MO – ages 12 years and older/ mayores de 12 años KS – ages 7 years and older/ mayores de 7 años Date/Fecha Time/Tiempo Address/Dirección Age/Edad Wednesday/ miércoles 10/2   3:00-6:00pm Kansas City KS Community College, Jewell Hall, 7250 State Ave., KCKS 66112 7+ Friday/martes 10/11 9am-12pm Mexican Consulate, 1617 Baltimore Ave, Kansas City, MO 64108   12+ Saturday/sab 10/12  9:30 am – 1:30 pm   Vietnamese Health Fair, Garrison Community Center 1124 E 5th Street KCMO 64127    12+   Wednesday/ miércoles 10/16   8:30am-1pm Don Bosco at St. Anthony’s Church 309 Benton Blvd. KCMO 64124 12+ Thursday/ jueves 10/17 3:30 – 5:30 pm El Centro, Family Night 1330 S. 30th Street, KCKS 66106 7+ Friday/martes 10/18   9:00am-1:00pm Donnelly College 608 N. 18th Street KCKS 66102 7+  NO APPOINTMENT NEEDED – NO NECESITAS HACER CITA Supplies are limited. If you have insurance or Medicaid, a nursing student insurance card, a TriCare military ID, or are a veteran, the vaccine could be free with your card. The vaccine will be available for $35.00 – cash or check only. Los suministros son limitados. Si tiene seguro o Medicaid,  seguro de estudiante de enfermería, TriCare identificación militaría, o veterano podría ser gratis. Si no tiene tarjeta la vacuna estará disponible por $35.00 – efectivo o cheque solamente.  For more information call (816) 283-6242 ext. 244, or email, To learn tips on how to prevent the flu, go to #VaccinesWorkKC!   Mid America Immunization Coalition is a program of Mother & Child Health Coalition. SPONSORED BY the US Department of Health and Human Services, Region VII and...

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BEE Sure to Get All Your Vaccines

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Announcing: MCHC Seeking Communications/Marketing Consultant

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Mother & Child Health Coalition is seeking a communications/marketing consultant or firm to lead our communication strategies, branding strategies, public/media relations and marketing efforts.  This position is on contract, so applicants may have other clients in addition to MCHC. Scope of work Includes: Implements MCHC branding across all media Provides leadership on communications strategic plan Develops all public MCHC materials including annual report, brochure, marketing materials, presentations, monthly updates, press releases and event fliers Provides content for website, social media Seeks opportunities for traditional media Coordinates with development director on fundraising opportunities Serves as the point of contact with website developer Develops materials for Healthy Start, Mid America Immunization Coalition and Safe Kids Metro KC Leads public relations efforts for MCHC Provides a quarterly report of all activities to the MCHC Board of Directors Criteria for consideration: A minimum of five years’ experience in communications/marketing Experience in website and social media content development Knowledge of CRM database Experience in nonprofit communications preferred Relationships with local media Experience with Hootsuite, Canva, InDesign, Constant Contact, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Steller or similar To apply, please submit a cover letter, resume, and three work samples to Tracy Russell at by September 24, 2019.  For more information about MCHC, go to MCHC is an equal-opportunity employer. No phone calls,...

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Happy 1st Birthday, Caleb!

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 The “1st year of life” celebration is very significant in Hispanic culture. It is a tremendous milestone to achieve. For that reason, family and friends are invited to come together to celebrate. Traditionally, the cake, the piñata, and the “Cumpleaños feliz” or “Las Mañanitas” songs are very important aspects that bring everyone together that day. For the Salgado family, this celebration is even more important. Unfortunately, they lost their first baby at birth and suffered a second loss at 8 weeks of pregnancy, but Caleb is healthy and strong; he is smart and vivacious. He is one year old! We have been able to provide support for the Salgado family and many others during this past year. We provide fundamental information and education on different topics including how to care for their sick children, safe sleep education, breastfeeding, birth control, and food pantry and clinic referrals. As the Salgado’s Community Health worker, I worked with Caleb’s family to make sure he obtained his Medicaid card in order to receive his vaccines and regular doctor’s visits. We also made sure that Caleb received his Social Security number and birth certificate. Many times, obtaining these documents is a huge strain on the family due to their incomplete understanding of how the processes work. The Salgado family was not an exception. It took several months to get Caleb’s Medicaid card and many phone calls to Medicaid providers. Shortly thereafter, they received the baby’s Medicaid card in the mail. The same issues arose with the baby’s birth certificate. They didn’t realize they had to send the signed form with a copy of their passport, a stamped and self-addressed envelope, and a money order. This is a process that is very difficult for new or non-English speaking parents to understand and complete correctly. This is where Mother & Child Health Coalition is able to bridge those gaps through education and guidance. The rewards for being a Community Health Worker are innumerable. The most important part is creating a long-lasting bond with all the families. They are always so grateful for the assistance we provide and always express how thankful they really are. I constantly am invited to “1st year celebrations,” baptisms, anniversaries, and more as a form of gratitude for all the support we provide. Submitted by Marcela Metcalf, Lead Community Health Worker Kansas City Healthy Start Initiative  ...

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Community Health Nurse to Join KCHSI Team

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Mother & Child Health Coalition is excited to announce receipt of a five-year supplemental grant for the Kansas City Healthy Start Initiative (KCHSI.) The Notice of Award from the U.S. Department of Human Services, Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) was received on Tuesday, August 20. These funds will be used to offer clinical services to our KCHSI families through the services of a nurse. A Community Health Nurse position will be contracted with Truman Medical Center, offering support and resources to KCHSI families, with the ultimate goal of reducing infant mortality and improving overall birth outcomes among the families served. The grant cycle will run concurrently with the existing Healthy Start grant, with additional funding at $122,899 for this first year, increasing to $142,899 for each year thereafter, from 2021 through 2024. We are looking forward to this collaboration with Truman Medical Center. For more information contact Jean Craig, PhD, Kansas City Healthy Start Initiative program manager, at...

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September Message from the Executive Director: Fighting Infant Mortality

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Labor Day signals the end of summer, and for many of us, a move into fall even if the weather and date on the calendar don’t mark the season as official.  For Mother & Child Health Coalition, September is a time to shine a spotlight on the reason for our existence as it ushers in Infant Mortality month. At MCHC, fall marks the time to formulate a policy agenda that will ultimately reduce infant mortality in Kansas City.  One of our most important gatherings, our legislative policy meeting, convenes on November 15.  We need your enthusiasm, expertise, and energy to put forward initiatives that will impact the unacceptable number of infant deaths, particularly for African-American babies who are dying at rates that are more than double that of white babies. Why the emphasis on the policy meeting?  Policy change is the best way that I know of to bring broad, cultural change to our systems and institutions in a way that no other method can.  Unfortunately, education of decision-makers on issues that we care and know about deeply can be characterized by the overly broad brush of “lobbying,” causing many in the nonprofit sector to withdraw from those conversations as a precaution.  I submit that we have a duty to engage where our expertise and experience could illuminate the impact on our community and mission. The format of the November meeting will prioritize the importance of member participation in putting forward a thoughtful agenda.  To that end, we welcome your suggestions for policies that rise to the level of priority, based on impact and feasibility in our political climate.  As we get closer to November 15, MCHC members will receive background information on potential policies that have emerged from our coalition work.  Please send us your suggestions and we will provide them to members so they can make an informed decision at the November meeting. Your participation is vital to our success and I look forward to seeing you on Friday, November 15! Registration will open in...

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Vaccines Available at All Locations

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How Healthy Start Helps

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Article submitted by Marcela Metcalf, Lead Community Health Worker, Kansas City Healthy Start Initiative I met Mikala in August of 2018. She was about seven months pregnant and had requested safe sleep information on our website. When we first met, she shared that she had been deployed to Iraq a couple of times while enlisted in the Army. She did not have any sort of assistance from a group or organization while learning to be a first-time mother. I felt as though the least we could do to thank her would be to assist her during and after her pregnancy. As her community health worker, I have been able to refer her to various organizations such as Research Hospital for childbirth education and Sleepy Head Beds to obtain new beds for her new house. We also provided her with a car seat and trained her in proper usage. She is also able to obtain safe sleep education, and diapers, a pack and play, and other necessary items from our Healthy Start Store. I have always been impressed by Mikala’s resilience and willingness to do anything possible to have a happy and healthy family. In less than a year she has been able to go back to work, move to a new house, and continue taking care of her son, Perseus. She is always enthusiastic and appreciative of Healthy Start and all the resources we provide for her and her family. Mikala was gracious enough to be showcased in a video commenting on her participation and appreciation for her Community Health Worker and the Kansas City Healthy Start...

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Chocolate Milk: The Documentary

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On August 14, a total of 59 people attended the screening of Chocolate Milk: The Documentary, including breastfeeding professionals, Healthy Start and WIC moms and their babies. The event was held at Swope Health Center,825 Euclid, Kansas City Missouri.   The expert panel led a discussion on the film, barriers women face when they want to breastfeed and available local resources. Below L-R: Nayala Bulock, Missouri Care; Shannon Williams, KCHSI Education and Health Promotion Coordinator (standing); Ashley Haden-Peaches, Kansas City Healthy Start Initiative- Samuel U. Rodgers; Sherri Tauheed, Swope Health Services- WIC; and {not pictured} Dymica, Kansas City Healthy Start Initiative mom.   Healthy Start Initiative mother, Latrice (below left) and her baby were the winners of the fabulous gift basket, prepared by Shannon Williams.  ...

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MCHC Awarded Healthy Communities Grant

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Child obesity/overweight rates have been steadily climbing for the last thirty years nationwide. Today, one in three children is overweight or obese, a percentage that has doubled since 1990 and quadrupled for adolescents. Weight impacts risk for heart disease, type 2 Diabetes, asthma, sleep apnea, and psychological stress. Despite a slight decline in obesity rates among 2-4 year olds enrolled in WIC from 2010-2014, the state of Missouri is still among the lowest performers in childhood obesity rates. Why is MCHC getting involved in driving down the rates of obesity among children in Kansas City? Family health is a continuum that does not end with the birth of a child. Missouri rates for overweight and obesity among low-income children is 27%. These children often live in food deserts, do not have adequate infrastructure to play outside safely at home, and cannot afford nutrient-dense, fresh food. The quality of a child’s food and access to physical activity are delivered and determined by the early child care providers during most of the child’s waking hours for the majority of a given week. I am pleased to announce that MCHC has received a Health Forward Foundation Healthy Communities grant to begin reversing these trends by building community support to enact a city ordinance that establishes evidence-based strategies around healthy food, physical activity, and reduced screen time for children at our early care facilities. This project, titled Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds will bring together community partners, parents, and providers to establish a more level playing field when it comes to developing good health habits for all of our children. The Kansas City Council has made the health of this community a priority for several years. Passage of prevention policies such as this initiative are so important to improving the overall health of Kansas City’s youngest, and bending the curve on health outcomes tied to place. Tracy Russell Executive Director Mother & Child Health Coalition...

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