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New Meningococcal Vaccination Requirements from KDHE

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New Meningococcal vaccination requirements from the Kansas Department of Health and Environment:  Information for parents/guardians of incoming 7th and 11th grade students – The Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) Immunization Program has implemented a new vaccine requirement for students entering 7th grade and 11th grade in the 2019-20 school year. KDHE now requires two doses of the Meningococcal vaccine to be administered to maintain vaccine compliance. Meningococcal (Serogroup A,C,W,Y): Two doses required. Doses should be given at entry to 7th grade (11-12 years) and 11th grade (16-18 years). For children 16-18 years, only one dose is required. (Provisional based on expected revision to K.A.R. 28-1-20 prior to school year) Detailed immunization requirements by age group are listed on the 02/2016 version of the Kansas Certificate of Immunization (KCI). Students who have begun, but have not completed the required immunizations, may enroll and remain in school while completing the required immunizations as quickly as permitted by immunization requirements, if a physician or local health department certifies that the student has received the most recent appropriate immunizations in all required series. Kansas law provides the following alternatives to immunizations: An annual written statement signed by a licensed physician stating the physical condition of the child to be such that the tests or inoculations would seriously endanger the life or health of the child; or A written statement signed by one parent or guardian that the child is an adherent of a religious denomination whose religious teachings are opposed to such inoculations. All immunization decisions should be made by the family physician or the Johnson County Health Department. If your child has transferred to Blue Valley, you are responsible for providing records that document the immunizations either have been completed or are in the process of completion. If a student’s immunizations are not current (most recent appropriate inoculation in all series) or current immunization waivers, specifically religious or medical waivers, are not in place; the student will be excluded from school. Student health requirements are important as we partner with families to create a safe and effective learning environment. All health forms must be completed and returned to the school nurse prior to the first day of school. Your school nurse will be glad to answer any questions. Tara Asher MSN, RN Blue Valley Schools District Nurse...

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Kansas City Healthy Start Steps up to Help Young Mother

Posted by on Mar 13, 2019 in News | Comments Off on Kansas City Healthy Start Steps up to Help Young Mother

Elizabeth Cooley is originally from Texas City, Texas, and moved to Kansas City, Missouri in 2017. She lived with her grandparents until she met the father of her child. They quickly moved in together and things were great until she found out she was pregnant. When Elizabeth told the father that she was pregnant, he got very upset and left her stranded with no place to go. She couldn’t go back to her grandparents because they too were upset at the fact that she was pregnant. Elizabeth was left lost without a place to stay. She eventually found some friends who offered her a place to live, even though the living conditions were nearly intolerable. Every day she struggled to access food and basic necessities, as well as prenatal care. Elizabeth found the Kansas City Healthy Start Initiative in an ad book she picked up at the Location One building, where the KCHSI office is housed, and contacted us to set up an appointment. After her scheduled appointment, she moved into a new home with a bed that almost miraculously became available at a local maternity house.  Elizabeth is now 19 weeks pregnant and is finishing school, has her driving permit, got accepted into a college, is on her way to having a job and has high hopes of moving into her own apartment. She is now doing amazing and has accomplished all of her goals. With the support of the Kansas City Healthy Start Initiative, and the maternity home, she is now on her way to a successful life and is anxiously waiting to meet her baby. Submitted by Shanice Taylor KCHSI Community Health...

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MCHC Supports Kansas City Pre-K Ballot Initiative

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Mother & Child Health Coalition (MCHC) is proud to endorse the universal pre-K initiative that is on the ballot in Kansas City this April.  As an organization committed to the health and well-being of our children from birth through adolescence, we know that investing in early childhood education is one of the most impactful actions we can take to improve the lives of all Kansas City kids.  Ninety percent of a child’s brain development occurs before age five.  Providing high-quality early learning for our four-year-olds will stimulate that development, putting them on the road to successful learning.  Fifty percent of our children enter the public schools in Kansas City behind both academically and emotionally.  High-quality Pre-K is a proven way to ensure that students start Kindergarten ready to learn, and sets them on a path for academic success. The specific pre-K Kansas City proposal calls for a 3/8-cent sales tax earmarked for pre-K for a period of ten years.  After ten years, the voters have an opportunity to continue or to end the investment.  The money generated will go to increasing pre-K provider capacity and quality, as well as need-based tuition assistance.  The plan is expected to fund access to early learning for eighty percent of four-year-olds in Kansas City.  Currently, only 35 percent of four-year-olds are enrolled.  Giving all of our four-year-olds access to early learning is key to reducing the disparities that exist in our city, setting them on a path to achievement, better health, and improved...

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Safe Kids Kansas offers safety tips for Severe Weather Awareness Week

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03-04-2019 Safe Kids Kansas Offers Safety Tips for Severe Weather Awareness Week   For Immediate Release March 4, 2019 Prepare Your Family for Severe Weather Safe Kids Kansas offers safety tips for Severe Weather Awareness Week TOPEKA – While the threat of severe weather in Kansas is year-round, March 3-9 is Severe Weather Awareness Week in Kansas, and a good opportunity to discuss the importance of emergency preparedness with your family. In 2018, the National Weather Service reported about 45 tornadoes statewide. Kansas also experiences numerous other high impact weather events, including blizzards, severe thunderstorms, and floods. “When severe weather strikes, you often have only a few minutes to respond and seek shelter,” said Cherie Sage, State Director for Safe Kids Kansas. “It is essential for you and your family to be prepared in an emergency,” said Sage. Safe Kids Kansas recommends becoming familiar with the type of weather you may encounter, prepare an emergency disaster kit, and practice your emergency plan frequently with your entire family. Many people do not understand the difference between a watch and a warning. When conditions are favorable for severe weather to develop, a severe thunderstorm or tornado WATCH is issued. Information from weather radar, spotters and other sources is used to issue severe thunderstorm and tornado WARNINGS for areas where severe weather is imminent. Severe weather warnings are passed to local radio and television stations and broadcast over weather alert radios. These warnings are also relayed to local emergency management and public safety officials who then activate the local warning systems to alert communities. Remember, thunderstorms are very dangerous and can become tornadic quickly, so shelter is advised for those warnings as well. Getting to a safe shelter in advance of a storm is especially important for families with children or individuals with a disability. Safe Kids Kansas recommends assembling an emergency disaster kit in advance. If you determine you need to take shelter, be sure every family member puts on hard-soled footwear and take your emergency disaster kit with you. An emergency disaster kit should contain: • non-perishable food items and water • a manual can opener if your kit contains canned food • blankets or sleeping bags • a change of clothing for each family member • a first-aid kit • prescription medications • sun block • a flashlight and batteries • a NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) weather radio • a set of car and house keys • a whistle to signal for help • a highway map that marks the counties to follow the storm • identification and a credit card or cash • any specific items you may need for children such as diapers or formula Additional supplies and equipment may be necessary for family members with disabilities or medical conditions. Don’t forget your pets will also need supplies, including food, water, collars and leashes. For smaller animals you may want to have a crate or a cage to help keep them safe and close. Another good preparation tool is to designate an out-of-state friend or family member as your family contact in case weather strikes while your family members are apart. “Each family member should know the phone number of the emergency contact person and call to alert them they are safe and where they are...

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Mid America Immunization Coalition Quarterly Meeting March 6

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“What you Need to Know About Adolescent Vaccines” Wednesday, March 6, 2019 11:30 a.m.  – 1:00 p.m. Kansas City Health Department 2400 Troost Avenue Kansas City MO 64108   Keynote speaker: Jason McCanless, PharmD, Glaxo Smith Kline, will provide an overview of disease state, epidemiology, vaccines, and ACIP recommendations for Tdap, HPV, Meningococcal ACWY and Meningococcal B. Lunch will be provided by sanofi pasteur To register please CLICK HERE ALSO Mark your calendar now for the Annual MAIC Symposium Friday, October 25, 2019 Sporting Park KC, Kansas City, KS  ...

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MCHC Names Tracy Russell New Executive Director

Posted by on Jan 30, 2019 in News | Comments Off on MCHC Names Tracy Russell New Executive Director

The Board and staff of Mother & Child Health Coalition are pleased to announce that Tracy Russell has been hired as the new executive director, effective Monday, January 28. Ms. Russell takes over the leadership role for MCHC following Susan McLoughlin’s retirement after 25 years as the first executive director for the organization. She comes to us from the American Heart Association where she most recently served as the Government Relations Director. During her time there, she worked with Mother & Child Health Coalition to partner on reducing tobacco use. Ms. Russell has worked in the nonprofit sector for her entire career, with an emphasis on health issues for the last 18 years.     Tracy Russell, Executive Director Mother & Child Health Coalition “I have a great appreciation for the scope of work pursued by MCHC and believe I have the skills, experience, and passion to move the mission forward. Over the last number of years, I worked with various entities including the city of Kansas City, the Tobacco-Free Kansas Coalition, and many others to improve policies, legislation and practices that affect the health and safety of our children and families.” MCHC chairperson, Audrey Dunkel JD, Vice President of Financial Advocacy for the Kansas Hospital Association said, “Tracy’s experience and relationships with local and state decision-makers, interested organizations, and health foundations will be an asset for MCHC as we continue to build upon the foundation Susan built for the organization over the last 25 years.” In addition to advocacy skills, Ms. Russell also has extensive managerial and administrative expertise. She has developed budgets, written grants, supervised staff and served as the primary liaison to boards of directors. She has led strategic planning sessions and served as an organization spokesperson. Tracy has a passion for public health, particularly as it relates to prevention. “I have dedicated my career to advocating for health measures that help reduce disparities and improve quality of life. I welcome the opportunity to continue this work with the Coalition.” Susan will be staying on and helping Tracy to get oriented to all that is MCHC over the next few weeks.  You’re sure to have a chance to meet her soon, as she will be attending many meetings in order to get familiar with our programs and partners. Please help us welcome Tracy to the MCHC team! Anne Biswell Communications Coordinator Mother & Child Health Coalition T: (816) 283-MCHC (6242) ext. 226 F: (816) 283-0307 abiswell@mchc.net MCHC Weather Policy: If the KCMO Schools are closed, all MCHC meetings are automatically canceled. Every child deserves a healthy start. Join or renew today...

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“Someone You Love: The HPV Epidemic” film showing Saturday 1/26

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This Saturday,  the KCMO Health Department will host a free showing of the documentary film, SOMEONE YOU LOVE: THE HPV EPIDEMIC. Come learn about how serious HPV is and why you should get vaccinated! HPV, Tdap, MCV4 (meningitis) and Flu vaccines will be offered to attendees after the screening. A light lunch will be served,  and plenty of parking is available. Saturday, Jan. 26, 2019 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. KCMO Health Department Lower Level Multi-Purpose Room 2400 Troost Kansas City MO 64108 Questions? Call (816) 283-6242 ext....

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MCHC Weather/Meeting Cancellation Policy Reminder

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During this iffy winter weather, we thought it would be good to remind all of our weather policy: If Kansas City, MO schools are closed due to WEATHER ISSUES (not water main breaks or other issues) then all MCHC meetings are automatically canceled.  This includes Quarterly meetings for MCHC, Safe Kids, Mid America Immunization Coalition, the Breastfeeding Coalition, and all other programs, Board and committee meetings, etc. If there is any question, check the local news to see if KCMO schools are closed before heading out to a meeting. If they are, the meeting is not going to happen. Most likely you will NOT get any sort of message or notification from us, unless the decision is made the day before the weather event occurs, and this is highly unlikely. This policy is intended to protect the staff and all our attendees from possible injury. We apologize for any inconvenience this may...

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MCHC Quarterly Meeting Jan. 25

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FOR ACCESS TO THE PRESENTATIONS FROM THIS MEETING, CLICK HERE. Title: Empowering Parents in the Digital Age Population-based studies continue to show associations between excessive television viewing in early childhood and cognitive and social/emotional delays. A recent analysis found that negative experiences on social media carry more weight than positive interactions when it comes to the likelihood of young adults reporting depressive symptoms. Unfortunately, the rise in digital technology and social media coincides with the increase of teen suicide rates in the United States. Join us for informative presentations and a discussion on strategies to improve parent-child communication surrounding digital technology use. Friday, January  25, 2019 8:00 -11:00 a.m. Kansas City Health Department 2400 Troost Ave., Biery Auditorium Kansas City MO 64108 This educational activity has been awarded 2 contact hours. Children’s Mercy Kansas City is an approved provider of continuing nursing education by the Midwest Multistate Division, an accredited approver by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation. 2 Social Work CEUs will be provided to licensed social workers. Children’s Mercy Hospital’s Department of Social Work & Community Services has been approved as a Continuing Education Provider by the State of Kansas Behavioral Sciences Regulatory Board. There is no charge for current MCHC members (including CE). To become a MCHC member  (and receive CE):  Pay $25 annual membership fee. Please REGISTER TO ATTEND Questions? Call  Shannon at (816)  283-6242 ext....

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Susan McLoughlin’s Retirement Reception Jan. 10

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It was wonderful to see all the friends who stopped by to say hello and wish Susan well at her retirement reception last Thursday (Jan. 10). Here are a few photos from the event. Thanks to everyone who made it so very special! An announcement regarding the selection of a new executive director to lead the Coalition will be made in the next few days. Stay tuned!    ...

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