MCHC programs address reducing infant mortality and providing better care for children in the Kansas City area through prevention, intervention and education.

african american woman kissing her babyMother & Child Health Coalition’s programs and initiatives address reducing infant mortality and providing pre-natal care (Kansas City Healthy Start), immunizations (Mid America Immunization Coalition), injury prevention (Safe Kids Metro KC), childhood obesity (Weighing In Collaborative), teen pregnancy, breastfeeding, substance abuse and child abuse (Safe Haven for Newborns).

Through our program activities we continually strive to decrease barriers and improve access to information and services through collaboration and leveraging of resources. Program initiatives are targeted at improving the lives of the most vulnerable and at-risk children, youth and families in our community.

MCHC is increasingly recognized as a leader in culturally competent educational programs. Through collaboration with our many partners we are able to leverage in-kind partnerships toward mutually beneficial outcomes for agencies, funders, providers and—above all—the children and their families.


Fetal and Infant Mortality Review


Safe Haven for Newborns


Kansas City Healthy Start


Safe Kids Metro Kansas City


Mid America Immunization Coalition


Weighing In Collaborative