MCHC supports the Safe Haven for Newborns campaign in Missouri and Kansas by providing information and resources to the community.

Safe Haven for Newborns

If you are pregnant, and you don’t know where to turn for help, please call  2-1-1 OR 1-866-320-5764 (United Way Help Line). Help Line staff are prepared to answer questions and they know where the closest Safe Haven locations are, as well as where to go for help with your pregnancy.

If you need some help during your pregnancy, consider Kansas City Healthy Start – support is available!

All 50 states have passed laws designed to “protect newborn children from injury and death caused by abandonment” and exempts a relinquishing parent from prosecution, according to certain guidelines. Instead of abandoning an unwanted baby, a parent can hand an uninjured baby to someone who is on duty at an officially designated Safe Haven* location, without fear of prosecution for abandonment.

Missouri allows up to 45 days to relinquish an infant at a Safe Haven; Kansas now allows up to 60 days. As long as the child shows no signs of intentional abuse, the parent will not be required to answer any questions, and will not face prosecution.

For complete text of the laws in each state, go to Missouri and Kansas. The revised Missouri law went into effect August 28, 2013. The Kansas law was revised in July, 2014, and again in 2018. Kansas now allows relinquishment up to 60 days.

click image for printable poster

click image for printable poster

The following are Missouri Safe Havens when staff are present:

  • hospitals
  • ambulance stations
  • fire stations
  • police stations
  • pregnancy resource centers
  • maternity homes

The following are Kansas Safe Havens when staff are present:

  • hospitals
  • fire stations
  • police stations
  • city and county health departments



How MCHC Helps

MCHC supports the Safe Haven for Newborns campaign in Missouri and Kansas by providing information and resources to the community.

18″ x 24″ permanent, metal signs for official Safe Haven locations to post on their premises in the greater Kansas City area are available FREE at the Mother & Child Health Coalition office. See Resources (below) for additional resources and details.

NOTE: These signs are for the greater Kansas City area only, as the phone number shown goes to our local 2-1-1.

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Contact us at:


In order to collect (non-identifying) information about infants surrendered under the Safe Haven for Newborns Law, we have created an online data collection tool. If you accept an infant, please CLICK HERE to enter in details about the infant. Please note that no personal information will be collected about the surrendering parent. This information will be used only for keeping records of how many mothers and infants are helped, and evaluating the effectiveness of the program. Thank you for your help.

ATTENTION MEMBERS OF THE KC SAFE HAVEN TASK FORCE: If you have completed an education / outreach activity, please CLICK HERE to submit a REPORT for the record. THANK YOU!



Safe Haven for Newborns video – created by Wyandotte County High School students, during the summer of 2018 as a project under the PrepKC program.  (NOTE: The Kansas law now allows 60 days instead of 45.) 

Online Safe Haven training
 available: Courtesy of  A Safe Haven for Newborns ( on-line Safe Haven for Newborns training is available for all Medical, Fire/EMS, Law Enforcement & Department of Social Services personnel in the states of Kansas and Missouri.  (Check with your agency to find out whether or not the training qualifies for continuing education credits.) The materials on this training resource are copyrighted proprietary software. To access the training, CLICK HERE.

Safe Haven for Newborns Power Point presentation
:  safehaven_rev2015


Click below for Safe Haven educational materials in English or Spanish that can be downloaded and used to inform the public about the program.


  • Lawrence Baby in Dumpster story reminds community of Safe Haven for Newborns Laws
  • The Morgan Hill Story Goes National – Rescued from a Trash Bin as an Infant: Channel 5 WMAQ, the NBC affiliate in Chicago shared Christa Dubill’s story on Monday 5/2 and the Today Show aired it on national television
  • NBC’s The Today Show aired the Morgan Hill story
  • Florida woman left in trash bin as a baby meets her rescuers
  • Media Coverage of the April 7, 2016 Safe Haven Day Press Conference:
  • Safe Haven laws by State for all of the United States
  • Safe Haven for Newborns Public Service Announcement: The FJC Foundation provided a $5,000 grant to MCHC to create a public service announcement (PSA) for public television and radio (The Bridge) at KCPT. The PSA aired all during the month of April 2015 in recognition of National Child Abuse Prevention Month. Click on this YouTube link to view the Safe Haven PSA video:


In order for all Safe Havens to be effective,  the following sample guidelines are provided as you develop your organizational policies and procedures.





Metal 18″ x 24″ signs are being provided free of charge, to identify officially designated Safe Haven for Newborns locations. You can pick up a sign at the following location.

Please call or email first:

Mother & Child Health Coalition

c/o Anne Biswell

1734 E 63rd Street, Suite 301, Kansas City, MO 64110

(816) 283-6242 ext. 226

Please note: These signs are only for officially designated Safe Haven locations. There is no charge for the signs, but any donations would be gratefully accepted.