Who We Are

Mother & Child Health Coalition believes that the most effective way to enhance the health of women, children and families is through prevention, intervention and education.

That’s why we work with more than 200 community partners to promote wellness and advocate excellence in health care for area mothers and children. MCHC focuses our energies on developing new community partners and enhancing current relationships with the business community and the population it serves. Please check our active member organizations in the Our Partners section.

We also help to nurture and enhance the knowledge and capacity of the healthcare community so it can better serve the needs of mothers, children and families.

Although the Coalition covers the greater Kansas City area, our focus is on traditionally low-income families who reside in hard to reach neighborhoods in Missouri and Kansas. We have a special emphasis on cultural competency as we strive to help people of all racial, ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds. Materials distributed in the community are created in English and Spanish.

What We Do

MCHC serves as a catalyst, steering efforts toward a better community integrated service system with a major emphasis on health promotion and prevention services. Our efforts focus on increasing the availability, accessibility and utilization of health services, while decreasing health disparities between racial and/or socioeconomic groups.

Mother and father holding little newborn's feetMoving the needle even small degrees in the right direction in these areas can translate into huge leaps forward in the health of mothers, children and families and, ultimately, for businesses and institutions throughout our community.

The Coalition’s close partnership with many community organizations promotes legislative advocacy efforts in both states, a boost in public awareness for maternal and child health issues with appropriate data and access to influential community leaders.

Our community partners benefit by having a link to a network of front line service providers for their community forums. Communication and collaboration help avoid duplication of services and focus resources in areas of greatest need.

Additionally, the Coalition works for the health of mothers and children by:

  • Facilitating community efforts to improve the organization and delivery of maternal/child health services and regional planning.
  • Monitoring healthcare reform and other legislative issues.
  • Developing and implementing model standards for metropolitan planning. The standards allow monitoring and evaluation of the ongoing quality of health efforts in the community.
  • Developing alliances with community groups, other MCH organizations, local businesses, and third-party payers to allocate resources to community priorities and increase access to services for women, infants and children.
  • Collecting data on the region’s maternal/child health status and current use of health services.
  • Creating and fostering opportunities for the growth and nurturing of relationships among members.
  • Educating members and the community about current health care issues and strategies.


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