Each committee includes special groups and sub-committees that address specific projects and interests. Committee meetings generally occur monthly and program collaboratives meet quarterly. To learn more about how you can help, contact the person listed under each committee heading.


MCHC Collaboratives and Committees

Volunteer groups consisting of board members, MCHC members and people in the community run these committees.

Metro KC Breastfeeding Collaborative (MKCBC)

This committee works to build an awareness regarding the importance of breastfeeding at all levels of community: mothers, families and businesses. The Breastfeeding Collaborative focuses its efforts on educating mothers and families about breastfeeding as the best option for the health of mothers and babies. MCHC leads prevention strategies focused on healthy weight pregnancies and breastfeeding through its respective committee activities in coordination with Weighing In.

Metro KC Breastfeeding Collaborative Mission: Taking an interest in the most nutritious and natural method of infant feeding, the Metro KC Breastfeeding Collaborative works across state lines and among diverse partners in the Kansas City region to educate and advocate regarding the importance of breastfeeding in all sectors of the community.

Metro KC Breastfeeding Collaborative Vision: Breastfeeding will be supported as the cultural norm in the bi-state, metropolitan Kansas City region for every mother and child.

Employer Support for Nursing Mothers Award

The Collaborative also works to educate KC metro area businesses on creating breastfeeding-friendly work places for mothers/employees.


For mothers
For employers


Board Development Committee

Samantha Collinson, MSN, APRN, CNM, chair Samantha Collinson

The Development Committee oversees the fund development plan and implementation, and assists in the development of the public relations/marketing plans for the Coalition.

Board Finance Committee

Wilaiporn Rojjanasrirat, PhD, RNC, IBCLC, chair rojjanas@graceland.edu

The Finance Committee reviews financial fact-finding in order to advise the Board of Directors on matters relating to the finances of the Coalition’s own administration and that of its community programs.  It is responsible for the preparation of the annual budget and audit for approval by the Board of Directors, and for maintaining a fiscal policy manual for MCHC.

Legislative/Advocacy Committee

Many special interest groups have a say in politics; families often do not. The MCHC Legislative Committee educates members, policymakers and the public on local, state and national legislation and policy initiatives related to family health issues. The committee acts as a convener of interested parties for discussion of health policy issues and as a catalyst for members and interested persons to advocate on behalf of children, mothers and their families. Please click here to view our current Legislative Priorities, find your senators and representatives, view legislative updates and other news and information pertaining to legislative issues.


American Academy of Family Physicians Advocacy page Kansas Action for Children Find Your Representative Contact information for state representatives. Find Your Senator Contact information for state senators. Missouri Children’s Leadership Council Missouri Health Advocacy Alliance

Metro KC Youth Collaborative

Initiates and participates in preventive activities addressing youth issues to enhance the health of adolescents, ages 10–19. This includes building community resources and focusing on teenage violence and pregnancy.

Tanya Lorenzo


Bullying prevention
Sexual Violence/Predation Resources:

Board Planning and Nominating Committee

Audrey Dunkel, JD, chair Audrey Dunkel

The Planning Committee oversees, monitors, and evaluates the MCHC community programs and the standing committees, ensuring they are consistent with MCHC’s mission and strategic plan.

Pregnancy, Infant and Child Health Committee

This committee serves the community by bringing together medical and social service professionals as well as interested lay persons from around the greater Kansas City area to become more informed about and work to improve services related to the health of infants, older children and mothers during and following pregnancy. The committee has a special focus on access to care issues and decreasing barriers, especially for the most vulnerable families.

Tanya Lorenzo

Program Committees

These committees described in this section have direct relationships to the programs of the same names.

MCHC_MAIC_logoMid America Immunization Coalition (MAIC)

DuJuan Hord, Program Coordinator dhord@mchc.net

Promotes immunization for people of all ages and provides updated immunization information to health care professionals.

SafeHaven_LOGOSafe Haven for Newborns Coalition

Anne Biswell, Coordinator abiswell@mchc.net

MCHC supports the Safe Haven for Newborns campaign in Missouri and Kansas by providing information and resources to the community, and coordinating the Metro KC Safe Haven for Newborns Coalition.

Safe Kids Metro KC

SafeKidsDuJuan Hord, Program Coordinator dhord@mchc.net

Part of a national program that works to prevent injuries and deaths from vehicular, home, bicycle and pedestrian accidents to children 19 and under.